Hendersonville , USA — Brixson Miciah Parker (aka M1CIAH) has emerged as a singer and music creator that showed his talent in 2019 and built a fan base on social media platforms.

M1CIAH is a musical artist obsessed with making music and began a career as a singer and songwriter. He is also a well-known internet personality. He started his musical journey when he made his first song. People appreciate his talent. He is an emerging multi-genre artist, often incorporating mixed genres of lyrical melodic Hip-hop and emo-punk music to resonate with his fans.

On a journey to make a name for himself, he recorded his first song in 2019 on a garage band that brought enough traction to his social media platforms to encourage him to keep going. He experienced a rise in his talent and emotional/Lyrical based music, building a fan base on social media platforms. His melodious voice entertains the audience with full charisma. 

In addition, he recorded fast and free when it came to genres, often involving elements of underground hip-hop, melodic hip-hop, Plugg, and pop. He has gained the potential to be sensational in general and rose to fame on the internet. Whenever he puts out his new release, everyone feels entertained, and it’s like hearing him for the first time.

Since he has a massive influence on social media platforms, his presence on spotify is worthy of note with several listed songs and being recognized as M1CIAH on his Spotify handle, including; DRUNK N LOVE, FLAME PRINCESS, DUMMY (HOW YOU FEEL), GO AWAY!, BREAK, STORYLINE, DAY ONE, NO MORE, WHAT IT IS, SNAKES, and many more

Furthermore, M1CIAH delivers added emotionality without falling into an excess of drama, and on the superficial level, he’s propounding a sentiment texture with ear-warming sound components.  

The Uniqueness of Brixson Miciah Parker:

Artist Brixson Parker is a musical artist professionally known as (M1CIAH) he is from a small town in NC but believes his talent lies elsewhere. He is a singer and music creator that showed his talent in 2019 and built a fan base on social media platforms. He is destined to leave a legacy in the music scene soon.


Contact details

Website link: https://instagram.com/m1ciah?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Brand name: M1CIAH

Contact person: Brixson Parker

Email: M1CIAH3998@gmail.com

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