The CE-LINK 3000W Portable Power Station has an amazing 2560Wh rated capacity and can be expanded up to 17.9kWh with up to 6 additional 2.56kWh battery packs.

Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China – Recently, the well-known ODM manufacturer CE-LINK launched their new product, which provides a high-capacity and versatile backup power solution, designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, RV owners, and off-grid households. Based on our testing and analysis, this article will summarize its key features and performance.

Capacity and Expandability

The CE-LINK 3000W Portable Power Station has an amazing 2560Wh rated capacity and can be expanded up to 17.9kWh with up to 6 additional 2.56kWh battery packs. This allows users to power multiple devices and appliances, extending usage time and making it a reliable energy source during power outages, camping, and emergencies.


Charging Options

The rich charging options greatly expand the application scenarios of the CE-LINK 3000W Portable Power Station, including AC and car charging. The AC charging input voltage range is 100-132V (US standard), with a maximum charging power of 1800W and 15A, it can be fully charged in just 1.6 hours. When using solar charging + AC charging, it can be fully charged from 0% to 100% in as little as 1.2 hours. At the same time, the car charging option provides additional convenience for users who need to charge while on the move.


Output Interfaces and Power

The CE-LINK 3000W Portable Power Station has multiple output interfaces, including 2 USB-C fast charging ports, 4 USB-A fast charging ports, 4 AC output sockets (3 x 20A, 1 x 30A), 1 DC12V 30A Anderson output interface, and 1 12.6V 3A DC5521 output interface. Now, imagine someone on a long weekend camping trip with their family and friends. With a CE-LINK 3000W Portable Power Station, they can charge all their devices throughout the weekend. The device also has stable and efficient output power, with a rated AC output power of 3000W, peak output power of 5000W, output voltage of 120V, and output frequency of 60Hz.


Safety and Protection

The CE-LINK 3000W Portable Power Station is equipped with multiple protection mechanisms to ensure user safety and device lifespan. It has 8 protection functions, each with dual or multiple protection mechanisms, and has DSP calculation capabilities to monitor battery SOC and fan control.


Intelligent Design and Control

The CE-LINK 3000W Portable Power Station adopts advanced functional design, such as bidirectional frequency conversion technology, seamless Kalman filtering algorithm, and intelligent fan control. It also supports intelligent APP control function, allowing users to adjust charging power between 100W and 1800W, and remotely monitor data via WIFI or Bluetooth.


Industry Certification

Unlike other brands that use 18650 cylindrical batteries, UL1642 (consumer battery safety standards), the CE-LINK 3000W Portable Power Station uses 1 * 16 series square aluminum shell batteries that have passed UL1973 (energy storage battery safety standards). Each battery is precisely monitored by a BMS (battery management system), with a cycle life of over 4000 times. As a reliable power assistant, the CE-LINK 3000W Portable Power Station has also passed UL1778 UPS and IEC/EN 62040-1 certification, with a buck-up time of less than 14ms during power outages or failures, and automatic reconnection to the grid after power is restored, supporting bypass function.

Meanwhile, the CE-LINK 3000W Portable Power Station has also passed safety standards such as UL1012 (Power Converter Safety Standard) and UL1741 (Distributed Generation Equipment and Power Systems Interface Standard) set by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., IEC/EN62368-1 (Safety Standard for Information Technology Equipment) and IEC/EN 60335-2-29 (Safety Standard for Household and Similar Electrical Appliances) published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), ensuring stable power output, safe connection with solar power generation systems, and secure usage in various scenarios.


The CE-LINK 3000W Portable Power Station is a versatile, high-capacity, and reliable backup power solution, perfect for outdoor activities, RV living, and emergencies. Its advanced feature design and multiple charging options make it the preferred choice for users seeking a long-lasting, high-performance power source.


CE-LINK is a trusted and respected ODM manufacturer with five research and development and production bases worldwide, and over 300 R&D engineers. They invest in modern laboratories and vertical integration to control costs and provide excellent services. CE-LINK products are sold in more than 80 countries and regions globally, solidifying their position as a leading supplier of outdoor power solutions.

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