United States, 1st Sep 2023, King NewsWirePortland, OR – Howard Boster, a distinguished Jeweler, Gemologist, and private collection Jewelry consultant based in Portland, OR, has released a new article discussing the perception and obsession with gems and crystals.In the article, Boster tackles the popular belief that gems and crystals have magical powers, and explores the history and science behind these beautiful objects. He also debunks some of the myths surrounding gemstones, and offers advice on how to choose quality pieces.With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Howard Boster provides an insightful and informative look at the world of gems and crystals, offering readers a fresh perspective on these often-misunderstood objects.

“Gems and crystals have been a part of human culture since the beginning of time. They are seen as objects of beauty and power, and have been used for adornment, protection, and as talismans. Today, there is a growing interest in rare and unusual gems and crystals, which has led to a resurgence in their popularity.”

Many factors contribute to the allure of rare gems and crystals. Their rarity makes them desirable, and their unique properties make them fascinating. Many people believe that they have metaphysical properties that can be harnessed for healing or other purposes.

“Whatever the reason for their appeal, rare gems and crystals are sure to continue to be coveted items.”

Crystals, in a way, fulfil a spiritual need for some people. Some people go to church, some practice yoga, and others collect and meditate with crystals.

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Howard Boster, a distinguished Jeweler, Gemologist, and private collection Jewelry consultant in the vibrant city of Portland, OR, is a name synonymous with expertise and excellence. As a rare gems consultant and business owner of howardboster.com, he presents an awe-inspiring display of rare gemstones and jewelry from across the globe. With unwavering dedication to his craft, this remarkable individual wholeheartedly embraces his profound passion for these majestic treasures. Through meticulous curation and impeccable attention to detail, he ensures that every gemstone showcased within his precious collection resonates with utmost allure and a timeless story.

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