Des Moines, Iowa, 4th March 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Nektr (‘nek-ter), a Polygon-based token offering Web3 business and commerce solutions, announced the release of two new decentralized applications (dApps) as part of its recent rebranding.

Nektr is developing a Web3 Commerce Marketplace platform with P2P and B2P offerings, formally launching in Q2 or Q3 of 2024. Behind it is a USA-based company, N3ST3D (‘nestid) Labs, LLC, that aims to become a standout presence in the Web3 landscape.

Nektr’s mission is to reshape e-commerce by leveraging the power of Web3 technology on the Polygon blockchain. With advanced tools and dApps, the platform will provide a seamless and secure experience for creators, NFT collectors, crypto enthusiasts, consumers, and brands. Fueling its growing ecosystem is NEKTR ($NKT), a governance token with multiple benefits for holders and consumers.

Nektr’s recently released decentralized applications include:


This .CSV-integrated airdrop tool enables projects to send rewards to their supporting communities through $NKT tokens or other Polygon-based tokens and NFTs. Users can use Airdrop to pay vendors, contractors, and team members. The tool allows them to send payments to up to 500 recipients simultaneously, thus significantly reducing gas costs and time.

Airdrop functions as a community reward and business payment solution. It is powered by MATIC gas and will temporarily be free, enabling users to quickly upload their CSV files and pay their recipients of choice.


This decentralized raffle tool is based on a unique smart contract for $NKT holders. Its goal is to reward the growing NEKTR community, enabling early adopters and newcomers to boost their $NKT holdings. Moreover, it will give the $NKT token utility while the Nektr Marketplace develops.

Token holders can pay for raffle tickets with $NKT tokens and get a chance to win a share of the payout, which will be 95% of the pool’s value for each raffle. First place will take 50% of this amount. Meanwhile, second place will take 30%, and third place will gain 15%. Participants can purchase unlimited ticket entries, including multiple entries for the same wallet address. Lastly, the platform will randomly choose the winners using the integrated Chainlink VRF Oracle.

About Nektr

Nektr was co-founded by Radell Young (CEO) and Duane Martin (CTO), two entrepreneurs with shared passions for tech, e-commerce, wellness, and the importance of the local community. They decided to join forces to solve the challenges of wider Web3 adoption for small businesses and creators. One of their goals is to make business operations in Web3 more affordable for entrepreneurs.

The Nektr Web3 Commerce Marketplace will launch sometime in Q2 or Q3 of 2024 to provide social spaces for communities and consumers, including digital storefronts for RWA (real-world assets) inventory tracked as NFTs. This platform is only one element of the rapidly developing Nektr ecosystem, which recently underwent rebranding.

Radell Young CEO of N3ST3D Labs, commented on the project’s plans:

“NEKTR’s rebranding marks a pivotal moment in our journey. We’re not just building a platform; we’re working towards fostering a thriving community driven by the tenets of Care, Camaraderie, and Commerce empowered by $NKT. With the marketplace on the horizon, we’re excited to unlock the immense potential of Web3 commerce and provide a space where everyone can benefit from its transformative power.”

You can learn more about Nektr by following these links:

Official Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord | YouTube

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