Elane Fees, an author with roots in Lithuania and Greece, has written a new children’s book titled What’s a Yiayia? The book presents the story of a Greek grandmother, Yiayia, and a young girl, Eva, who is nervous about starting school. 

Yiayia, who plays an important role in Eva’s life, helps her get ready and accompanies her to school. The story shows how Yiayia introduces Eva to Greek traditions and supports her in this new chapter of her life.

Each page of the book shows a part of Eva’s day. From picking her clothes for school to learning the alphabet and making new friends in her class, the book shares it all. Eva also explains to a classmate what ‘Yiayia’ means. To further explain the kids, Eva mentions the activities she does with her grandmother. With admiration in her eyes, Eva goes on about cooking Greek dishes, doing yoga, and crocheting with her Yiayia.

The book is not a mere retelling of Eva’s first day at school. It’s a lesson about the importance of family, especially grandparents. Additionally, it introduces readers to Greek culture. The illustrations in the book add to the story’s creative appeal. These illustrations make the story more engaging for kids in kindergarten and early elementary school. It’s also a great book for teachers and parents to read with their children, as it will help them nurture familial bonds.

About the Author:

Elane Fees, the author of What’s a Yiayia? and other children’s books such as The Magic Gumball Tree. She was born in Long Beach, California, and now lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Before becoming an author, she worked in software sales. Her Greek heritage influences her books. Through her literature, she aims to teach kids about different cultures and family values.

Explore the fun and educational tale of What’s a Yiayia? It’s a perfect read for young minds and a lovely bedtime story. Grab a copy and start teaching your kids the value of family and culture!

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