New York, NY, 9th March 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, At NY Spine Interventional Pain Management, relief and recuperation are at the forefront, under the expert guidance of Dr. Ji Han. The practice is a sanctuary for individuals grappling with persistent pain, offering a suite of interventions tailored to address discomfort in a myriad of forms, from limb and shoulder agony to relentless spinal distress. What sets Dr. Ji Han apart is not just the breadth of treatment but his dedication to crafting personalized care that resonates with the unique health narratives of each patient.

Understanding that each person’s pain is individual, NY Spine Interventional Pain Management champions a bespoke approach to recovery, focusing on enhancing the life quality of those they serve.

Radio Frequency Ablation

Among the array of advanced treatment options, Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) takes precedence for its innovative and minimally invasive nature. Dr. Han’s proficiency in administering RFA steers chronic pain sufferers towards relief  of daily discomfort.

Radio Frequency Ablation is not a one-step solution but a meticulously staged procedure, initiated only after patients positively respond to two preliminary medial branch blocks. This procedural foresight ensures that the benefits of RFA—which include substantial alleviation of pain—are maximized for individuals who are most likely to reap its rewards.

The essence of RFA lies in its technique; during the procedure, accurately targeted heat lesions are created to disintegrate nerve fibers responsible for transmitting pain signals. It is a delicate procedure of precision and care that is monitored under the vigilant eye of live x-ray fluoroscopy, ensuring impeccable accuracy.

Often sought for conditions such as spondylosis—an arthritic unraveling of the spine—sacroiliitis, and nerve pain, RFA provides patients with promising alleviation, potentially allowing  patients to experience extended periods (six to twelve months) of subsided pain post-treatment. The benefits are many—surgery deterrence, immediate relief, minimal recovery downtime, enhanced daily function, and a potential decline in the reliance on pain medications.

Dr. Ji Han’s Unwavering Commitment to Patient-Centric Care

NY Spine Care is Dr. Ji Han’s is commited to personalized and impactful pain management, Dr. Han’s comprehensive suite includes epidural injections to quell inflammation and nerve pain, performed with the precision guaranteed by live x-ray fluoroscopy.

No method is left unexplored in the quest for pain relief, from spinal cord stimulation and kyphoplasty to joint injections. Dr. Ji Han ensures every therapeutic option is on the table, ready to be customized to patient needs.

The overarching mission is clear—to tender holistic, patient-centered healthcare that navigates patients towards prime outcomes. The portfolio of expanded treatment options is meticulously crafted into individual care plans, emphasizing a holistic health pathway that epitomizes premium care and fosters expedited recovery.

Dr. Ji Han’s is a board-certified anesthesiologist with over two decades of specialization. An illustrious University of Alabama at Birmingham alumnus, his leadership roles at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Queens and Queens Medical Associates Center highlight a distinguished career dedicated to empathetic and customized pain management.

Dr. Han understands pain management’s complexity and intricacies but his comprehensive training, including esteemed residency and fellowship positions at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center, Hospital for Special Surgery, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute, cements his status as an authority in personalized pain management.

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