United States, 17th May 2024, King NewsWire – The Crypto Election Project proudly announces the launch of two innovative meme tokens: Sleep Joe Token (SJT) and Donald Hump Token (DHT). Designed to humorously encapsulate the nature of political promises, these tokens bring a fresh and entertaining perspective to the world of cryptocurrency and politics.

About the Crypto Election Project

The Crypto Election Project is the brainchild of a  passionate individual who aims to blend humor with the often tumultuous landscape of political rhetoric. The project offers a satirical commentary on the promises made during the 2020 United States presidential election by Joe Biden and Donald Trump, highlighting the ephemeral nature of political pledges.

Sleep Joe Token (SJT)

The Sleep Joe Token (SJT) represents Joe Biden’s campaign promise to alleviate student loan debt, a pledge that resonated with indebted graduates across the nation. As Biden’s presidency progressed, this promise seemed to fade away, much like the sleep-inducing demeanor of the president himself. The SJT token humorously symbolizes this unfulfilled promise and the hope that someday, either through Biden or the appreciation of SJT, the burden of student debt may be alleviated.

SJT Tokenomics:

  • Supply: 25 trillion (T)
  • Total Buy/Sell Tax: 5%
    • 2% of buy/sell tax will be burnt
    • 1% redistributed to token holders
    • 1% sent to the liquidity pool
    • 1% sent to the marketing/Dev wallet

Donald Hump Token (DHT)

The Donald Hump Token (DHT) captures Donald Trump’s grandiose promise to rejuvenate the American economy by bringing offshore businesses back to the homeland. However, as political realities set in, this promise deflated. The DHT token stands as a digital representation of Trump’s ambitious yet unfulfilled pledge, serving as a comedic homage to the unpredictability of political ambition.

DHT Tokenomics:

  • Supply: 25 trillion (T)
  • Total Buy/Sell Tax: 5%
    • 2% of buy/sell tax will be burnt
    • 1% redistributed to token holders
    • 1% sent to the liquidity pool
    • 1% sent to the marketing/Dev wallet

Project Plan

The Crypto Election Project unfolds in three phases:

  1. Developmental Phase: Implementing the foundational elements of the project.
  2. Pilot Phase: Both tokens compete up to the 2024 presidential election. The token with the highest price or market cap will be declared the winner and further developed, while the losing token will have its contract renounced but maintained operationally.
  3. Full Scale Phase: Further development of the winning token.

The project encourages vibrant social media engagement through platforms like Twitter and Telegram, fostering communities of SJT supporters (Joe-ites) and DHT supporters (Donald-ites). This engagement allows for spirited debates and meme sharing, enhancing the project’s entertaining nature.


The Sleep Joe Token (SJT) and Donald Hump Token (DHT) serve as whimsical reflections on the capriciousness of political promises. By participating in this satirical project, holders can enjoy a light-hearted take on the ever-changing political landscape.

Disclaimer: The SJT and DHT tokens and their associated whitepaper are intended solely for entertainment purposes and should not be considered financial advice or serious political commentary.

For more information, visit cryptoelectionproject.tech 

Media Contact

Organization: Crypto Election Project

Contact Person: Michael McNaught

Website: https://cryptoelectionproject.tech/

Email: Send Email

Country: United States

Release Id: 17052412240

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