Bubble walls could be one of the best additions to any commercial space. When you are tired of trying different wall art and decorating your walls with different patterns, it’s time to upgrade your walls with bubble walls. There are endless reasons why we urge our customers to choose bubble walls and how different and unique the selection could turn out to be for the interiors of your lobbies, hotels, and restaurants.

At Midwest Tropical, we are always expanding our horizon and providing our customers to choose from a wide range of water bubble walls that are available at our place. However, for those who are planning to think out of the box and be creative in their ways, it’s time now that you look out for bubble walls with your own expansion of imagination.

We have expertise in providing our customers with customized bubble wall options. where you could be creative, imaginative and be reflective of your own ideas with bubble walls for your commercial space.

Here are some of the reasons why we think that bubble walls are a healthy alternative for your walls.

  1. Durability:

For commercial space owners who are looking to accentuate their walls with something unique bubble walls could turn out to be the best choice. because they are designed from acrylic therefore, they are considered to be one of the most durable option that you could opt for.

Moreover, the slight scratch and brush off material would cause little or no damage their bubble walls. Therefore, for any commercial space that expects heavy traffic around these walls on day to day basis. These bubble walls turn out to be the best choice that you could choose from.

2.Add-on features:

With the simple wall art there are little or rare chances that you could look out for added features. but when you have shortlisted bubble walls for your commercial setting it is important to look out for add on features. the impact of added lightening and sound could enhance the features of your bubble walls. And hence, it could turn out to be the best addition to your lobby or reception of your commercial space.

3.Easy to maintain:

The good news for any commercial owner is that these bubble walls are easier to maintain. With a simple cleanup or mopping with a soft cloth, you could dust off the dirt and particles added to these bubble walls.

On the other hand, the other outdoor fountains are known to be a messy choice because of the accumulation of dirt and algae in those sacred areas of the waterfall feature.

Make sure that you change the water of the bubble walls on regular basis to make sure that you avoid any maintenance lapse for your bubble wall. 

At Midwest tropical we invite you to take a look at the benefits of the bubble wall and invest in some of the best features that are part of our collection.


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